Brookdale Community College

Brookdale Community College

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Situated in Lincroft, New Jersey, Brookdale Community College is an excellent resource for residents of Monmouth County. With an excellent teaching staff, the college provides an opportunity for all individuals to learn and grow through a wide range of academic programs.Founded in 1967, the 220-acre campus offers associate (2-year) degrees in more than 50 programs, noncredit classes, and certificate programs in many areas of personal and professional interest.Additionally, it offers distance education and weekend courses in areas such as Business, Science, Humanities, Technology, Mathematics, Language, Social Science, and Fitness.The college operates Higher Education Centers at various locations such as Asbury Park, Bayshore, Long Branch, Wall Township, and Western Monmouth.Academic programs are offered in Accounting, Business Management, Communication Media, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Learning Disabilities.Non-Credit courses are provided in areas such as computer software, creative cooking classes, health and financial issues, home and garden classes, fine and performing arts, and business management.Through the International Center, a wide range of study abroad programs are offered. The campus promotes clubs and organizations, lectures, and programs by guest artists and authors, as well as tours and travel.The Athletic Department provides Intramural and Recreation programs which include Tennis, Bowling, Basketball, and Volleyball. A variety of health programs and services are available through the Student Health Center.Also, a wide range of services for students including experiential learning, service-learning, graduate placement, and services for persons with disabilities are offered.Also on campus are the 380-seat Performing Arts Center, an Advanced Technology Center, Larrison Hall, the Fitness Lab, the Center for the Visual Arts, the Student Life Center, 60 computer labs, and the Children’s Learning Center.Bankier Library at the campus is a two-story facility where traditional research tools and reference materials are available. Monmouth Museum on the campus features changing exhibitions and programs which appeal to a variety of interests.As a learner-centered institution, Brookdale Community College enables and empowers all persons to fulfill their aspirations to the maximum of their capabilities.

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