Walter Adams ScStr - History

Walter Adams ScStr - History

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Walter Adams

(ScStr.: t. 271; 1. 137'0"; b. 24'3"; dr. 8'6" (mean)
s. 10.5 k.; cpl. 27; a. none)

Walter Adams—a wooden-hull fishing craft built in 1890 by Robert Palmer and Son, of Noank, Conn., and rebuilt in 1898—was chartered by the Navy on 23 June 1918 for service in the 6th Naval District. Commissioned on 1 October 1918, Lt. (jg.) Hugh G. Taylor in command, and assigned the designation SP-400, Walter Adams operated locally out of Charleston through the end of World War I. There are no records indicating exactly what the ship did during her operational career but it appears likely that she conducted practice minesweeping operations. She was decommissioned at the Customs House Dock, Wilmington, N.C., on 10 January 1919; struck from the Navy list the same day; and simultaneously returned to her owner.

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