Commonweath Leaders, 1944

Commonweath Leaders, 1944

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Commonweath Leaders, 1944

Here we see most of the senior leaders present at the first wartime Commonwealth Prime Minister's Conference, held in London at the start of May 1944.

From left to right in the front row we see:

Ernest Bevin, Clement Attlee, Peter Fraser (PM of New Zealand), Mackenzie King (PM of Canada), Churchill, John Curtin (PM of Australia), Field Marshal Smuts (PM of South Africa), Anthony Eden and Sir John Anderson

From left to right standing behind them are:

Lord Cranborne, Oliver Lyttelton, Sir Foroz-Khan Noon, the Maharaja of Kashmir, Sir Godfrey Huggins, Herbert Morrison, Lord Woolton, L.C.S. Amery and Colonel Oliver Stanley.