What to see in Sardinia? The pearl of the Mediterranean

What to see in Sardinia? The pearl of the Mediterranean

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Famous throughout the world for its crystal clear sea and white beaches with tropical charm, Sardinia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy.

Its towering mountains leaning towards the coast framing marine scenery that are always different, cliffs sculpted by the wind, long beaches, bays hidden by the Mediterranean scrub, sand dunes covered with white lilies, are just some of its attractions.

The coasts of Sardinia

Its coasts are a succession of long sandy shores, small hidden coves, fashionable tourist centers and small authentic towns where traditions are still alive.

The Costa Smeralda, with its spectacular beaches, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, is perhaps the biggest pearl of Sardinia.

With thousands of vacation proposals that meet the needs of every type of visitor, Sardinia has a very intimate aspect, a deep soul to discover, making it the meditative and introspective island par excellence.

Dozens of famous writers from around the world, having vacationed here at least once in their life, they immediately chose it as the perfect meditative retreat.

Following in the footsteps of these writers of the past and today, you will travel by roads that lead to the heart of the island.

The Maddalena

The Archipelago of La Maddalena deserves a separate chapter with its magnificent seabeds full of life, ideal for divers and snorkelers.

Sea lovers will already know the Stintino fame, of the Asinara Island and of the Coral Coast with its Grotta di Nettuno in the northwest of Sardinia, the Gulf of Orosei, with its caves and wonderful beaches such as Cala Goloritzè, along the east coast and the Villasimius area along the southern coast.

The most beautiful cities on the island

The cities of San Teodoro, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Castelsardo, Cagliari, Alghero and Bosa are wonderful, not to be missed.

And lovers of trekking, should not miss the Gennargentu Park.

But Sardinia is also and above all culture.

The more than 7 thousand neuralgic buildings, among the most famous of Arzachena, the Domus de Janas, the Roman archaeological sites like Tharros and the ruins of ancient castles, they are scattered in a territory covered with Mediterranean scrub and rich in lagoons.

This is just one introduction to the culture of Sardinia, as we will focus on his story in a future article.

What more can you ask of Sardinia?

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