The origins of gambling

The origins of gambling

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Gambling is one of the activities that have been carried out for thousands of years, from horse betting to current physical casinos as well as some of the best online gaming websites, a current trend that we are more than used to seeing. in advertising both on TV and on almost all the pages we surf on the Internet.

But what were the first gambling games in history?

The first games of chance in history we find them in Sumer and Assyria, when already from the year 2,600 a.C. It is known that these civilizations used a bone extracted from the heel of animals called the talus or talus, which they carved to fall into four different positions, being the precursor of the die.

In the year 2,000 B.C. approximately, Egyptians are the first to carve a six-sided die, according to some archaeological finds and hieroglyphs, being a fairly regular entertainment for this civilization.

However, the dice gained real strength in times of Greece and Rome, where we find texts by Homer among others, where they talk about this type of games that, by the way, were also condemned by ancient authors and philosophers.

Of the Greco-Roman civilization the rules of how the game developed are not known, something that we do find in the indian civilization, who were the first to leave testimony of it.

This in terms of dice, but games of chance arose almost simultaneously everywhere and in China is where we find the first bets in the year 3,000 BC., and to test the free games, which we find around 500 BC. with board games present throughout society.

Other types of games that recreated societies in ancient times were the jump between the Egyptians, the famous Roman circus where they bet on horses and gladiators, or already in the Middle Ages, where we find jousting or archery tournaments.

In America, the Indians of the northeast coast of the United States had marked certain days to place bets with their games.

As Modernity enters, we find evolutions of the different games of chance and betting, including card games, which were perfected by the French from the Middle Ages almost to the present day.

These games also generated different problems and that we dragged from those times, among them the harmful gambling, a disorder in which the person is forced to gamble and gamble constantly and progressively, without being able to avoid it due to a psychological problem that generates an uncontrollable need.

These are the origins of gambling, in historical moments very different from the current ones where we find hundreds of websites dedicated to reviews and free games of all kinds, not only of chance but also of video games, board games converted to digital format among a great variety.

And is that the gameAs we can see, it has been present in humans for millennia.

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