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William Burrows was appointed a Midshipman in 1799. He distinguished himself at Tripoli. Lieutenant Burrows died on board the brig Enterprise as a result of wounds received during the engagement with the British brig Boxer 13 September 1813.

(Galley: 1. 75'; b. 15' ; dph. 4' ; cpl. 40; a. 1 24-pdr. S. B., I
18-pdr. B.)

The first Burrows, a galley, was launched about June 1814 at Vergennes, Vt., by Adam and Noah Brown of New York and placed under the command of Sailing Master S. Kutelta,s.

Burrows, as part of Commodore Thomas Macdonough's squadron on Lake Champlain, took part in the capture of the British squadron 11 September 1814. Not used after the war, she was sold at Whitehall, N. Y., in 1825.

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